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The Nuplas Plastic Bee Hive - The Smart Choice For The Discerning Apiarist

The Nuplas Plastic Bee Hive  was first launched to the open market in early 2013. It is based on the industry norm, Lansgtroth dimensions and is currently available in 8 & 10 frame full depth boxes. We started prototyping back in 2010, we have tested them in both hot and cold climates with fantastic results. With quality timber becoming harder and harder to source at an affordable cost, as well as becoming a scarce commodity, plastic is the only way to go for a sustainable future. 


Another great reason to go plastic is there is very little assembly time and NO maintenance down the track. The design is fully interchangeable with timber boxes, has allowances for spring clips and Em Locks, suited to all standard lifting equipment. If you're looking at buying new equipment then start looking at the Nuplas Plastic Bee Hives.